1. Susie says

    So it looks as though I’ve had a refund of around £1700 paid straight onto my card account. Seems less than I thought given the fact I’ve paid paid almost that in ROP charges and they offered that all back. I will get a letter in the post soon so will let you know how they worked it out.

    • Sara (Debt Camel) says

      No – just a little buried by Wonga at the moment! At the moment various people are waiting for Vanquis to come back to them about their complaint that their ROP refund was too low – until we know the result of these, there isn’t much more to be said!

  2. Anthony Georghiou says

    Dear Sara,
    thank you.

    Last Thursday I discovered the Thread Regarding ROP, while I knew I had it, I wasn’t sure what it was
    and all it’s ins and outs. The entire ROP system is wrong. I used to work for 2 banks in the past and If
    people(bank customers) called me, I froze their account at no cost, provided interest refunds and listened to their financial
    difficulties issues with a view to resolving the matter without causing them extra costs.

    Vanquis have listened to the original phone call and found something wasn’t explained to me therefore I get
    a full refund plus interest plus associated costs.
    I’ve paid just over £2,500 in ROP over almost 6 years.
    This will wipe out the debt completely £4,000, plus leave me £1000.
    The account is going to be shut down.
    It was explained to me that it would cost me” £1.29 a month”. They were supposed to say ” £1.29 per £100 of debt”. As
    at the beginning it was £1.29 a month. At the end 6 years later it was £62 a month. I wasn’t really looking at my bank statements
    from Vanquis to be truthful. On these Grounds they sold it to me, it was mis sold.

    Please Check your statements, I want everyone to get what is due. 39.99% should include all of what is in the ROP Policy, don’t you think?

    Sarah thank you.

    Anthony G

      • Anthony G says

        This Debt is under 6 six only, only just though.
        Had it been 3 months later might have been another story.

        Don’t give up! They took something that didn’t belong to them and
        have taken from the Poorest in our society. I hope ROP is
        If on the phone call 5 Years, 9 months ago it was mis sold to me, then
        the script they used (probably was the same from all or most call operators
        who contacted you…..just my opinion).
        Ask for All ROP charges back as they mis sold it over the phone.
        It’s for them to prove you wrong.

  3. Brian Hunter says

    Thanks Sara for your explanation about lack of posts. Following yet another complaint on the phone to Vanquis I have received a letter which more or less says, go away we will sort it out in our own time. Not so sure that they are taking this situation as seriously as all the customers they owe money to.

  4. Susie says

    Be careful will offers. They give you 2 weeks to accept but don’t send you a breakdown. Then pay a payment into your account which is less than you should get. The ombudsman more or less tells you to be thankful for wha you have received. Vanquis tell you the breakdown is “in the post” but I’ve beem waiting a month now and as far as the ombudsman is concerned you have “agreed to the offer” even though you don’t know what it is.

    • Sara (Debt Camel) says

      Start another formal complaint to Vanquis and say it will be sent to the ombudsman if they don’t give you a breakdown of how the amount was calculated.

      • Kelly McCandless says

        I questioned the ombudsman as I didn’t want to accept until I saw figures and this was reply I received today
        Further to my colleague’s email below, I should take this opportunity to clarify that your repayment option plan (“ROP”) refund amount changes on a daily basis. Therefore, Vanquis can only calculate the refund on the day that they make the refund payment and they send out a breakdown of the refund shortly afterwards. If your credit card account would’ve gone positive if you hadn’t had a ROP, your refund will include 8% interest on any amount that otherwise would’ve been positive – for the time that it would’ve been positive. 8% is the court appointed rate of interest that is used to compensate people for being unable to use their own money when they otherwise would’ve been able to.
        Vanquis has until 12 September to complete the refunds like yours, so you should receive your breakdown notification by the end of next week. Please let me know if you don’t then receive it.
        As clarified, I’m going to put you on the list of people who has accepted the offer on the understanding that you might raise an additional concern if the amount doesn’t seem right (once you know what the amount is).

        • Susie says

          Pretty much what I was told verbally. I’ve asked twice for a breakdown and they’ve said they’ve emailed it and sent it. Nothing so far. My refund didn’t even cover full ROP refund let alone interest and charges. I’ve kind of given up. I owe £1000 on my card. I’m just going to pay it up, close it and forget it :/

  5. laura says

    I have received an email from vanquis this morning, no not an apology for ripping me off for the last 10years not even to tell me if or when I will be receiving my rop interest payments, NO the email I was sent : you can now transfer cash from your credit card straight into your bank account all we need is your account no. And they are only going to charge me 3.99% for doing so , is it just me that thinks this company is having a laugh they really are having a laugh , when I last phoned them re information rop interest payments they said they were struggling as there were so many customers to attend to ?. Well obviously not if someone has a enough time to send stupid emails out to already p..s.d off customers, they really are the worst of the worst I have ever debt with.

  6. Cat says

    The financial ombudsman refused my complaint due to the 6 year 3 year ruling. Out of curiosity please can someone advise why they don’t do this all the time? There are a number of ppl who seem to get full refunds even when accounts are over 6 years old. The way the ombudsman explained it to me was like it’s black and white, over 6 years so not much we can do.

    • Eve says

      The 6 and 3 year ruling confuses me also Cat as some people were refunded out with that ruling without even being questioned about it and some have been refunded after questioning it then others like ourselves were told that was that. The 3 year ruling seems to start the same time as the 6 year ruling according to Vanquis so why even have it? There has been no consistency with any of the Vanquis cases from what I have read on here. My case has now been at the FOS for 8 months. Four different things that Vanquis told the FOS regarding my case were untrue and I had the verbal and written documentation to prove they had lied on 3 of the things but it’s still not been decided on yet. I honestly don’t hold out much hope for my case despite being able to prove every fact that I put in my initial complaint (before I even had some of the proof!).

  7. Hayley says

    Did anyone notice a reduction in there monthly payments after removing the rop, my repayments were £130 per month with it and remained at £130 without which doesn’t add up

    • Sara (Debt Camel) says

      The calculation of the minimum amount never takes account of the ROP. Vanquis changed the minimum calculations in July so that they increased. Now the ROP isn’t there, you should find that you balance starts dropping much faster if you aren’t using the card.

      • Peter says

        The Minimum payment has nothing to do with ROP , its based on the total balance of the card

        However you should have found that the balance of the card came down faster, which in turn brought your minimum payment down unless you of course just spent an increased amount of the card.